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According to Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital and prominent advocate of the cryptocurrency industry, Ethereum currently stands as a more attractive investment option than Bitcoin. According to Novogratz, Bitcoin essentially acts as a hedge against inflation, while its rival Ethereum has more of an edge in a tech world.

If the inflation crisis doesn't end, then there would be no sense to go and find work because the cost of living will never match your paycheck. Its either find work and starve, or go to work with no clothes. Because we can't afford nothing anymore nowadays.

Simple, start raising interest rates at a slow, steady rate

Played with the donkey and all we got was the D! LET'S GO BRANDON!

Yea, stop printing money at unprecedented rates and raise interest rates.

Bitcoin is not a bubble, good luck waiting for it to burst

Diversity and under-representation concerns with banking and minority wealth creation, CFTC and SEC common regulatory regimes, asset regulation properties and risk-gradientization vs binarization as "is security" or "is not security", spot Bitcoin ETF confusion despite futures ETF prices coming from spot prices, zk-snark-based tax ids and digital zk-based digital ids generally, FDIC insurrance on stablecoins taking into account USDC's similarities to and differences from a bank, CBDC principles, broker definition clarification and narrowing...all good stuff. Keep it up y'all! Looking forward to the next one.

The  is a bit misleading...  1. They were looking at price change rather than volatility (ie. Variances in price change over time). Whenever there are more participants in a market exchange, prices will fluctuates.  It just means more capital shifted into the market.  2. Cryptocurrency, Tesla, GME and AMC, etc had something much more... it was a way for the little guys (ie. Retail investors) to give the middle finger to the institutional investors and big banks. And it worked. Lol. It was about democractic shift even worrying the Governments...  3. Every new asset class in the  are from emerging markets.  Tesla is leading the EV industry. Bitcoin is leading the Crypto industry. Low fee stock ownership are leading the way for retail investors...