Forex Today: Dollar capitalizes on rising yields, eyes on US PMI data

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:43 PM

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How much is the appreciation of digital coin contributing to inflation?

If we were mostly renewable energy driven and sustainable goods sources and made in america we wouldnt have these issues and if we did, we would be able to react as a people and not be on china or saudi arabias chess board.

Interesting,I heard inflation would not happen  last year.

Can The Inflation Crisis In The U.S. Be Stopped?  Not if Biden keeps handing out money to people who can but choose to not work, and the Fed keeps feeding new money into the economy with its bond purchases, and more money is continually pushed into the economy from Congresss bloated and mostly unnecessary trillion dollar spending bills.  More money in the system chasing the purchase of a scarcity of products = inflationary pressures.  We should have all known from the start that their spin on it using the word 'Transitory' was another lie.

employer operations at the  expense of the domestic labor market.big money over workers so  Fed data on labor is seriously flawed and optimize  investorinvestors getting tax breaks and repressing wages in the labor market... Feds mostly provide credit  for big money investors  not for wage earners.  The Feds uses  an adversarial model to pit  labor vs employer investor ... the Feds always favor employersInflation was driven by big money

  Search for more details using the date of the statement.