USD Breaking News: U.S. Dollar Fades on ISM Manufacturing PMI Miss

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:44 PM

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That what happens when you print 2 trillion $ out of thin air.

Powell did the biggest blunder in recent history of monetary policy. Lagarde is worse but it's not a blunder in her case, it's intentional. Madam Inflation wants high inflation in the eurozone. Buy a car today because next year you'll pay 50% more. Lots of printing + lots of savings + pent up demand + supply shortages + investors hedging against inflation = there's no stopping in prices now. Germany planning to increase minimum wage by 25%.

Can inflation be stopped? Yes, stop money printing now.

every crisis is a rearrangement of the participants, so instead of trying to control the situation the best thing is let the economy recover, the worst thing the government can do is to continue printing money

The question is not whether inflation can be stopped. It is do the people want it to be stopped. The answer is NO

Like Facebook. Congressmen don't want to seem retrograde. Only 4 serious questions:(  play to earn, what is that? Nft?... Pump coming

 world  Governmental debt and out of control money printingThis article is flawed inflation is caused in a large part by excessive money printing. They did not even mention this among the causes that have led to this wave of inflation. In fact there are multiple causes of inflation that are all made worse by the national

I see HOGE.Finance representing with his mask behind the Lady speaking at 46:19

FYI -  was on Compound's podcast and according to him, hinted SP500 will hit 19,000 by 2030. Enjoy for what it's worth.

Trump Strong like ManlyMan Pootin & Talibans & Hugo Chavez & President Manchin