USD Breaking News: U.S. Dollar Fades on ISM Manufacturing PMI Miss

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:44 PM

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Not one mention of the Fed's balance sheet or total money supply

Man you can't stop criminals activity from nothing. They need to cut that talk out. Whenever they figure  how to keep criminals activity out of politics then holla at us

Investing in stocks or real estates are very good ideas though real estate investment seems a bit more complex. Who else is in line with me?

 military chopper crashes in Jalgaon; Pilot dead, co-pilot injured

They keep printing money so that the inflation will skyrocket. That is the best tax to common people.

That first 5 minutes is the longest time I ever listened to Maxine Waters without having to facepalm.

The gov can stop inflation by simply raising interest rates but this is politically risky as necessary recessions don't win elections

Are the people in charge of the Federal Reserve voting their own financial interests or those of the very rich or their own obligation to the country?