Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:48 PM

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More  BS FUD.  If you get hurt then you are stupid but you still have a right to spend your money how you want.  Lumping Tesla in the headline with bubbles is another example of pure FUD by  the joke financial news channel.  Urge some caution over Rivian, which is a bubble.  By the way Tesla could care less if Herz buys or not.  Tesla sells every car they make no matter if Herz was in or out of business it wouldn't matter.

I have a weird feeling the F150 electric is making him nervous. Could be a big smash hit.

who would have guessed that the financial product offering 20% GURANTEED annual returns would be a scam

Considering inflation is worldwide, we may be able to influence inflation but I doubt we can Nixon created inflation when he took the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971. Volcker's draconian interest rates finally tamed inflation in time for Reagan's second campaign in 1984.

The market creates stupid investors, Stupid investors create a bear market, The bear market creates smart investors, Smart investors create a bull market. Those who understand this cycle create wealth in the stock market.

No one's buying cars in this economy, well except some rich guys. I'd guess the rich guys already have Teslas though.

Good luck, ya played yourselves. 40%-50% on housing? hahahahahahahahahaha. The "honorable Jerome Powell" that 's even funnier. The Fed doesn't need reform, it needs to be burned to the ground.

Buy #DBA TOKEN now this is your last opportunity

Despite the current fall in Crypto's I'm still happy i can smile back at my portfolio £51,770  Had my fourth withdrawal from my investments, (Thanks Leticia Buckley️)

The hyperinflation created by the FED is maximizing employment, because working people can't afford to retire now and retirees are having to go back to work in order to survive.