Dollar keeps its footing after NFP-inspired rebound

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:03 PM

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You print more money, you will have inflation. Anything apar is an outlier not a reality

Brad Sherman embarrassed himself. Its good Aarika Rhodes is running to unseat him.

We definitely need term limits for these ol heads.

Getting through Mr. Shermans statement without dying of laughter is a very respectable feat.

you can stop inflation. then you will fall into stagflation trap. finally the us economy will totally collapse. just matter of time. the death knell is ringing. today's japan is your tomorrow. lying down and accept your fate.

Short answer: no   Were gonna have to ride it out

all tech people are cons and speculators - making money out of nothing, out of air

How is Bitcoin a bubble rn? If it was, wouldnt -30% in last month be a popped bubble

The economy is in transition from a 20th century to a 21st century economy. They are wanting to use 19th century tools to try and fix it

The answer is YES. The United States once set double digit interest rates and inflation dropped. It also caused recession.