EUR/USD retreated modestly from multi-week highs on Friday but ended up gaining

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:04 PM

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Just gotta say that the idea that you shouldn't invest in companies that don't make money is so ridiculous it's crazy. Companies like Uber have never made money yet are seen as legitimate investments

 world  Governmental debt and out of control money printingThis article is flawed inflation is caused in a large part by excessive money printing. They did not even mention this among the causes that have led to this wave of inflation. In fact there are multiple causes of inflation that are all made worse by the national

Anyone not a Media Moron actually following the full spectrum of the world knows this all about to fall everywhere, right down to famines, overthrows, and complete chaos from the TRUTH of the planets cycle with the sun and magnetosphere, that your authorities have lied about for fifty years now. Hiding the crop losses due to FREEZES, not HEAT. The crust destabilizing and UV causing water shortages with the temp zone grow zone changes INHERENT IN THE CYCLE you lied about trying to blame and shame and guilt people over.. while its all about lying profiting and power grabbing to stay on top when it all collapses.

Citizens buy from the CCP so all the money goes to the war machine america sleeps nothing less .

We are moving towards what The Bible says 'War of Armageddon'.

since January 6 2021 not one single Republican lawmaker has been held accountable for their insurrection actions.  they will win re-election if not arrested and they will cause more chaos.  Put an end to the Trumpist Republicans

benefits in the shipping industry. The issue could be solved tomorrow. Companies won't do it thoughAnswer: Yes, once global supply chain issues get sorted out. Which means better wages

Yeah, raise interest rates by .25% every 6 months until you reach 2%, then stop! The reason raising rates screws up the economy is that they go too fast. Give those Fed governors each a lollypop and tell them to chill. 3% is too high and it will accelerate economic decline.  Productivity has increased per actual human man hours. If you go by dollars per productivity, it will be wrong every time. Union busting has contributed to income inequality. The Fed always overreacts in either direction. They actually cause instability.

Walmart across the board has raised prices. Most, if not all, sticker prices are old. New prices you find out at the register.

End corporate welfare, raise taxes on ppl making over 400k a year and raise interest rates.

Black Americans need the government funding to start business and they know help black Americans become owners