Taiwan lifts forex trading punishment on Deutsche -sources

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:05 PM

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Housing inflation ripples into every business in our nation.    The housing shortage and high cost of living are caused by zoning laws that limit density to protect the wealthy from being impacted by the poor. Supply and demand can't work when government is limiting the supply.

I think I should buy a bubble and put in my bubble

What can be seen as a problem could also be seen as an opportunity. I am thinking of people in their mid thirties who have felt trapped by student or other types of debt. Those costs are fixed so if people in early to mid career can trade up to a better job with higher pay they are in better shape.

Its because we've shifted our purchasing habits from services to goods... and it has nothing to do with handing out $9,000 to every family.

We want low prices, but we dont want our products produced in China (where there is cheap labor). We want a low priced cake, from a high paid American baker, and we want to EAT IT TOO!

Inflation cannot be stopped unless the Dollar goes back to the gold standard or some other form of backing by real value asset and capped currency supply.   JFK was killed for trying to do just that.

The only issue is there is way to many cryptos ... Coinbase was fine when it had 3 coins ... but over 100 is way to risky

As a landlord with multiple fixed rates mortgages, I really, really like inflation.

TSLA is deeply undervalued if it can get AV to work. The professional driving industry in the US alone, annually, is worth nearly $1T USD.

Over $20T in quantitative easing under two presidents, a trade war with China amongst other factors got us here.

The fact that these bubbles kept on inflating during Covid tells you all you need to know, the Fed is the US economy at this point.