Taiwan lifts forex trading punishment on Deutsche -sources

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:05 PM

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It's amazing how Marxism explains a lot of this - and how the bourgoise technocrats have developed a language to track the critique laid out in Capital by Marx. Specifically, the critique that capitalism has boom and busts because labor prices are less than the value produced is a more correct way of saying what these people are describing the inverse, that labor increases lead to price increases (without questioning if owner income, rents, and interest revenues are lower)

Only asset that is not a bubble is bitcoin few understand

Brian Brooks like the dad in the room educating everyone

I'm sure fed can handle inflation by printing more money!

Nobody goes to their employer and ask for a raise based on inflation. These economists live in dreamland. Probably 50% of Americans dont even know what inflation is because they dont even know who is the VP of the country now.

The problem is theyre not measuring inflation properly. CPI is not an accurate metric. Real inflation includes items people actually buy on a daily basis, not some theoretical basket of goods and services.

The fed is creating inflation by creating more money....stop being tools.

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Turkey the best example of not increasing interest rates :-)

You want Crypto? Fine but it must be backed by US dollars and US banks, what you don't like that idea? ok no Crypto, it's our Crypto or none.