European stocks hit record high, led by travel sector; Wizz Air up 12%

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 08:02 PM

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I wish him best of luck on his trip to the moon Lovely statement Joe about a guy who's actually pushing human progress and creating a ton of innovation and jobs unlike yourself.

Inflation is a tax on consumers that doesnt require a vote in Congress.

My biggest worry about crypto is that the left will ban it because they want absolute control over Americans access to money and are already pushing for complete irs monitoring of banking transactions.

Why the Tesla Logo in the thumbnail?? Tesla isn't a bubble im so so sorry .  Yesterday Wallstreet increased the price to 1580 dollars

Investing has never been so mainstream, the money has to go somewhere right?

Amazing how it becomes increasingly more difficult to effectively steer the ship as you intentionally manipulate the instruments you use to sense the environment around you.  Who would have thought?

Great information!  Thank you for this thread. And no I will not trust in stable coins again after this disaster.