European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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This has more to do with more scrutiny on his company

Wow, they do not talk about the real problem: the government deficit. So far this 2021: $6.8T spent, $4T collected from taxes. Simply, incompetence. A crash will come, they are just putting it off; flying higher, the fall will be harder.

Celebrity Musk now runs the economy.  I got a "super bad feeling" for you Musk.  You better know where your Li, Co, W are coming from as it will be much easier to pump fossil fuels out of the ground very soon.

All investment is either fraud or theft.  1 = 1.  Basic math.  Anyone that tells you that you can give them a dollar, and in x amount of time, you#39ll have an amount greater than $1, is either a thief, or a liar.

I lost $3m l lost everything. Now l have to hope that new LUNA gets to $500 to break even. I hope it happens soon.

Why is it always legal to "pass the added cost on to the consumer"?? Should not ALWAYS b allowed!

EV's, Biotech Spacs, cryptos and anything Meta is probably in a bubble territory. It'd be interesting to see another speculation driven bubble pop like the .dom bubble. The internet is still around but not how people speculated it to be in the late 90's and got burnt.

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Terra and luna are stable coins?  I bet this guys role model is Kim.

Republicans grok this so much more than the Democrats.