European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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Up 48 % Month. * FFIE.. Faraday Future FF 91 Ultra Premium Luxury Artificial Intelligence tech Spa Function, 1,050 hp SUV EV Arrivibg by Sept 2022.

Who are these 'startups with loose venture dollars'???

There is only a bubble if you see a bubble I see pure money. To the moon

Last 30 seconds is key. Eventually everyone will get it. He's saying, the day will come when YOU use PLTR to safeguard YOUR data so YOU can sell it to THEM (if you so choose) rather than big tech stealing it - data - from you and selling it back to you. That is going to lead to a trillion dollar business that the world will know as .

I was one of those that lost a decent chunk of my portfolio in LUNA. It was staked on TerraStation so I couldn't get it out in time. I'll be fine, but lesson learned for me.brbrWith that being said, I believe Terra2 maybe a ploy for the whales to be able to cash out at the expense of the retail investors that buy into it. What's the point of this project? Maybe that'll keep them from coming after Do Kwon.. I don't know.

Seems a bit late on his part saying this now.....

Its rich that the theme  of this  is that the Fed&Gov. didnt cause this issue to be exasperated by the Pandemic & that the way to fight inflation is for more interference into the economy by the federal government. Its governments involvement in our economy that is helping drive all this inflation.

Buying power has fallen for any 2 year period since 1968.  So this news is >50 years to late.  We are now in the same cycle of all unlimited governments swapping between Fascism, Communism, and Fundamentalism.  The only solution now is Exodus and leave the Nazi planet behind.

DoD and pentegon will not let pltr trade like a meme stock. Just buy and hold

Coinbase needs a brick and mortar for customer service.