European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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Biggest rug pull ever...People took their lives over this shitcoin cause they lost all their money...Do Kwon the big con! He should go to prison!!!

"WHAT IF"?  What if the domestic-calculus were to include increasing numbers of elder-Americans who want and need to perform in the marketplace to combat the declining purchasing power of their fixed income?  How would that play in the political dynamic of younger participants in the marketplace trying to 'gain-a-foothold' or 'hold-their-own'?

if this company doesn't get bought out, and if we have a recession, it will more than likely go to zero...

green wearing his mask in his office LOL wtf dude,

Cryptocurrency = no more cash system = the mark of the beast system = 666. It is clear that many don't see it  yet. Be aware.

Yeah, raise interest rates by .25% every 6 months until you reach 2%, then stop! The reason raising rates screws up the economy is that they go too fast. Give those Fed governors each a lollypop and tell them to chill. 3% is too high and it will accelerate economic decline.  Productivity has increased per actual human man hours. If you go by dollars per productivity, it will be wrong every time. Union busting has contributed to income inequality. The Fed always overreacts in either direction. They actually cause instability.

Outsourcing a lawyer... sure why not. During the pandemic many trials were held online right? So if e.g. an indian can speek good english and was taught american law why wouldn´t he be able to be your lawyer? Sure there are certain regulations in place with that job specifically but there might be ways around it in the future... maybe already.


Cry me a river.  The world richest man should be paying more.

Yes, we put some of my retirement money into WLUNA offered at Coinbase and lost it all, we bought near the top.brbrThank you for explaining what transpired, er will subscribe and look at your other threads.