European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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Honestly I#39m sick and tired of some of the comments here that make it seems like they have never fallen for a decent magic trick. Case and piont most people are not stupid, but under the right set of conditions all of us would have signed up for this. With inflation, debt and for some of us too much time on our hands. The general tendency is to explore a new idea (i.e crytoinvesting). When people are in love with the idea of something, red flag are usually ignored. So this how could they not see this coming is very infriuting, it shows that you have learned nothing from the personal tragedy that is Do Kwoon. Hindsight is 2020, it fine to have a demeaning view but have some simpathy, some of them were 8 years old when the crash happened

NO! And is very dangerous, inflation and higher taxes, ppl gonna look to other countries to move. Biden and democrats are the worse thing that happened to the country  Democrats are the masters of corruption and deception, they are not your friends, they are the corporate puppets.

20 % interest from a save investment that#39s based on a stable coin. How#39s that not full with contradictions?

How do you buy crypto without a bank account?