Aeroflot sells special shares in order to be able to buy planes

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:42 PM

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It's not China.  Super high gas prices and a shaky and overinflated real estate market is obliterating the middle class.  Add in all the other negatives and ya,  there's something really really bad about to happen.

Really interesting that every bodies talking about how this is creating value for everyone, but failing to mention that we lose much of the value of decentralization when we rely on the institutions represented here.

I am not interested in those coins anymore, there are much better and safer altcoins like Web3 Spark SPARK3.

To pay 20% interest - how were they making money to pay this interest

I want hyper inflation, want to pay off my house ASAP

The question at 4:03:50 was answered so poorly! The question was about BTC Energy consumption and Ms. Dixon shills her own Stellar, while not addressing that the claim of "1 BTC transaction uses the equivalent amount of energy of 1 month of an Household in the US"  is outrageously wrong, while not even going into that BTC uses 57.7%+ "Bitcoin has the highest sustainable Energy consumption mix" & Bitcoin uses mostly wasted Energy... Big fail.  source: GLOBAL BITCOIN MINING DATA REVIEW OCTOBER 2021

I did invest in luna but a small amount. I divided my portfolio into 3 parts, blue-chip cryptos like BTC or eth, then mid-cap kind of coins and then small-cap which going to give massive returns but chances of losing the whole investment are also there. brI invested 30% of my money in these volatile coins and even then I chose like 7-8. So even if someone gave a massive return, my portfolio will not rise massively but if that project virtually become zero...I would not be impacted much (Probably close to 3-4%).brThat#39s why I always say, portfolio allocation is too necessary. You never know when it#39s going to save you.

Of course it can because the inflation like the supply chain issues are artificial methods of control.  We have a system that doesn't work, requires cash to prop it up,  and have an elite that has grown fatter on it.  The question really is will the population tolerate it anymore

ICE car manufacturers that pretend to be transitioning to electric. GM is the poster child