Stablecoin guidelines published by New York's crypto regulator

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:01 PM

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Kind of reminiscent of another Stanford attendee and Theranos. I am beginning to wonder whether they had some kind of quotentrepreneursquot club on campus like quotThe Billionaire Boys Clubquot of Los Angeles.

First "the will be no inflation", second "the inflation is transitory", what´s next?

The EV bubble.  Is way overinflated and some younger people like EV but to be honest is not that much and actually many don't even like cars

Can't wait to see an episode on the crash of Bitcoin.

Well, once you've printed the money, no, you can't stop inflation. Prices have to rise to adjust to the new amount of money in circulation. But it could have been not caused in the first place by not printing trillions of dollars. And while you can't stop the inflation that's going to hit on account of the money already printed, you can stop yet more inflation but not printing yet more money.Of course the powers that be will claim they are going to somehow fiat and decree inflation into submission, yet keep printing like crazy, then be baffled and surprised how and why inflation keeps going even though they issued fiat and decree saying no more inflation. Why won't the economy just obey our fiat and decree? We _said_ no more inflation, why won't it just stop? And oh, since it won't stop, we'll just say that actually what we want and should have!

I will not give my money to gambling addicts that assure me it#39ll be safe with them.

The best thing for Tesla would be for Elon Musk to fire left-wing snowflakes and move manufacturing plant from California to Texas. Also, he should move Twitter to Texas and hire conservatives to moderate content.