New NFT cloud from Salesforce plunges into crypto

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:25 PM

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Stop printing money , gold to dollar ratio is poor in us wake up or you will next venesvala

Smart, it is better to err on the careful side.

I still have some sausage coin behind the couch.

You CANNOT compare fuel prices now to a year ago. Stop being stupid.

I think musk play with mediA, right now he is a tepublican and thid he need blame biden therfore everything is doomed

Everything is bubble no place is save to invest your money

Oil prices are up because of high demand and low supply (under Trump many US drilling sites shutdown) Higher oil prices are pushing prices in any every sectors.

these guys run their companies like soviet union they have monopoly so there is no room for innovation just a narcissistic brute that wants to stay in control and micro managing and vurbally abusing  using violence on them

This is starting of 21 centuries Biggest  Scam

If they can stop people from opting out of the dollar system using crypto and stop people creating their own printing machine using pegged coins maybe.

Inflation was always there, it was just hidden with low cost goods.  Try comparing a Lawnmower from the 70s that was proudly made in America to one that is created today made cheaply in China. The older Lawn mower is built to last where as the one made today would break in a couple of years (by design so customer has to buy a new one).  This is how China has become a super power because to hide inflation the super rich in democratic countries in the world, outsourced labor to China to make cheaper goods.  It is all so the super rich dont have to pay much for workers.  Keep goods and services cost low, keep pay low, keep taxes low. If anything disrupts this mantra, it would result in less money for the super rich.  Now that China has become so powerful that they can now start charging more for their goods, it means the super rich of the democratic countries that used China for cheap labor has no choice but to pass the cost on to their working class.  Its also the reason for the trade war with China, and moving cheap labor to South East Asia, war torn countries like Pakistan, or slave like labor (Blood Diamond like operations) in Africa.     Inflation exists because of greed.  Greed is not going anywhere.