Stocks fall in the U.S., ECB decision pending

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:43 PM

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The way he is defensive of everything and continuously disses everything else that he's not a part of shows how immature he is. The fact that he dint know to atleast act aware of the price is concerning. Infact it's the exact opposite. He is surely aware and wants to act like he isn't so he can say 'people who believe in us should stay, if they are smart they will'. Frankly not caring about shareholders is unethical if not protected by law already.

The only chance of unclear war comes from the west. We started it in the first place back in 2014 with the coup of Ukrainian government

We are definitely paying attention to this because this came out of Elon Musk. If Elon Musk says the economy is in bad shape then everyone needs to pay attention? Lol. See how the stock market goes down with him worrying about the economy. What an enormous influence over the market. One of The smartest person in the world is an expert in everything. Knowing so much From covid pandemic, going to mars, defending free speech, to now worry about the economy.

This event was some of the best entertainment in anything internet culture related in the last few years.  I am so glad this happened.  God bless this mess.

A lot of people dont have any food on the table, but they have forks and knives

Like Facebook. Congressmen don't want to seem retrograde. Only 4 serious questions:(  play to earn, what is that? Nft?... Pump coming

 , PLTR has launched 5 of the most important products in the world.  How dumb are these reporters?  Ask the follow up question, what are the 5 products, and how can your company still not make money?  Where is this high quality revenue?  Here is the bottom line, the stock price doesn't lie and why isn't the stock price higher?

This guy is also unbelievably arrogant as well, He kinda deserves it.

Stellar sounds more like a marketing pitch

3:19  SHOULD be building a consumer product. But they can't because AI predictive technology is limited as f at the moment. That's the bottleneck. That's why it's 70% a data consultancy company and 30% an AI company.

Can bursting a crypto bubble save the inflation?