Stocks fall in the U.S., ECB decision pending

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:43 PM

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This is funny, the people who use the term quotC o N s P i R a C yquot are losing daily, something I have learned from seeking TRUTH, regardless of my own personally feelings about it that the people who use that term tend to almost always be aware that it is not or completely unaware of how the real world works and instead buy in to the matrix version of reality.. this is the time people make their riches.

In simple words : inflation form when you eat more than your earnings.

Lmao imagine saying that inflation happens because someone asks for a raise. What about not lying for once? People are desperately asking for a raise trying to keep up with the rampant inflation that money printing creates

10:44 the arrogance of this guy,  get off your phone how disrespectful to the man sitting directly behind you can you be. you know the camera is on so do you not conduct yourself with the the professional dignity your job deserves. he has disrespected the people he works with and himself.

Trading has been very productive to me of lately and I'm able to make to achieve this level of success with mr John Darry's he's a head-cracker when it comes to investments.

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