Analysis of Natural Gas Prices: Price Catches its Breath

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:58 PM

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Prices for natural gas in the spot market (CFDS ON NATURAL GAS) have been trading higher at intraday levels recently, to see slight gains of 0.13% per day up to the moment of writing this report. Yesterday's price reached $9,300 per million British thermal units, after increasing by 0.15% during the trading session.

Tuesday's session was calmer than Monday, with natural gas futures failing to maintain early gains as traders took profits. As of July 31, the price of gas for one million British thermal units stood at $9.293 and 2.9 cents. As a result, the August futures contract dropped by 2.8 cents to $9.278.

In the US, Texas is experiencing high temperatures and gas prices have moved higher once again, according to NGI's National Average.

For the six to 14-day forecast period, the National Weather Service is predicting normal or above-seasonal temperatures for most of the country, resulting in higher cooling demands.

Analysts said 97 billion cubic feet per day would ease soaring production pressure in the mid-1990s, but at that time production was stuck in the low range.

In technical terms, the price temporarily breaks temporarily, allowing for some profit-making and not allowing for positive forces to gather that may help it recover and rise again. As demonstrated in the attached chart (daily), the bullish trend has been dominating the market for the past several months. In addition to the sustained positive trend for the previous 50 days, the relative strength indicators have shown a surge in positive signals.

As such, we remain positive about the future. As long as the price of natural gas remains above the support level 8.870, we expect it to rise during its upcoming trading sessions, heading toward first near resistance levels at 9.550.
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