As Erdogan's rate talk fuels forex demand, the Turkish Lira sinks to 17 Dollars

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 10:37 PM

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Banksters have inflation to get rich, its how they steal your labor...DUH  Your channel is stupid!!!!!!!!

Everyone knows that with 0 interest rates, the inflation cannot remain transitory. It twill keep going up.

Amazing how it becomes increasingly more difficult to effectively steer the ship as you intentionally manipulate the instruments you use to sense the environment around you.  Who would have thought?

What if the inflation is grow faster than the bubble? Can I call it "Slow-mo popping bubble?"

Broken capitalism.  Solution,  need to start over.  Burn the FIRE sector. Vote for a change    (pun) demand democracy  banks produce  nothing,  zero,  just profits  DNC = RNC = the 1%  =  Wall street not the 99%  remember the 1970s ?  what it took to get change a revolution,  yeah

The world governments created this problem using covid as an excuse.

Inflation is just corporate greed .....when corporations need money from government and then post record profits......that is corporate greed ...plain and simple

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I don't know which of them are bubble, but I know where are all those airs in the bubbles come from, the fed.

For a long time, China has been helping the United States to control inflation. Through a large number of cheap goods, it has helped the United States to keep inflation within 2% even when Federal Reserve printed a large amount of money. This kind of help to the United States even forced China to import a large number of oils and resources, and produced huge pollution and emissions. But Trump launched a trade war, drastically increased tariffs, as a  result, increased the prices of Chinese goods imported by the United States, and coupled with the largest printing of money in human history. Thereby, it is so reasonable that the inflation was naturally out of control.