Russia eases capital controls to let companies transfer forex overseas

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 10:50 PM

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In an effort to ease the pressure on its rouble, the Russian government on Tuesday granted export-focused companies permission to transfer foreign currencies to accounts abroad under certain conditions.

According to the state decree, starting on Tuesday the finance ministry will allow export-oriented companies to receive foreign currency from non-residents and transfer it overseas provided that it is later returned to Russia and sold on the market.

A gradual easing of Russia's strict capital controls is taking place following its sending troops into Ukraine in February, which was intended to prevent capital flight and save its currency.

Following the rouble's fall to record lows in March, it has recently recovered to around 60 U.S. dollars per euro - not seen since years earlier.

A strong rouble has hit the government's revenues, so Russia has eased the capital restrictions. Various measures have been taken by the central bank to revive lending and soften the rouble, including a combined cut of 900 basis points to 11% since February.

It is seeking to stem the rouble's surge by easing requirements that companies with export-oriented business sell 80% of their revenue in foreign currency at home and setting new limits of 50%.

In recent weeks, numerous Russian banks have been cut off from the international payments network SWIFT, making conducting foreign exchange operations via domestic banks more risky than before. According to analysts at VTB Capital, Tuesday's decision should help Russian exporters improve their foreign transactions.
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