There will be a crypto trading platform coming by Citadel-Virtu-Fidelity-Schwab

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 11:06 PM

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Why the Tesla Logo in the thumbnail?? Tesla isn't a bubble im so so sorry .  Yesterday Wallstreet increased the price to 1580 dollars

It's fun to watch how these talking heads have collectively changed their tone toward Musk in the last three years.  They're scared of him now.

@ 14.14 she was just about to say bitcoin clearly say bitcoin but i noticed she caught herself only in time to fix it and say billion!

industrial markets. They will not be able to hide it any longer with price increases. I suggest everyone prepare for a cold summer.raw material shortages that are affecting the economy right now. These CEO's know and thought that it would get better by now. Šchiet is about to hit the fan. My company is completely lying about how bad our situation is and we are baby formula shortage bad and this is all over the constructionY'all really don't know how bad the supply chain

The end of the dollar could be near. Too much chaos going on in the world, and there's no telling what we're going to experience in this new year coming up.

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