FX market intervention won't be announced in advance by Japan's finance minister

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 03:27 PM

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am I right that companies like Roku and Teladoc, which are in ARKK  trade at 10x sales or even more despite the sell-off ? Is this the mother of all bubbles ?

Probably a good idea to not hire people you may have to lay off soon given the state of the economy.

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"WHAT IF"?  What if the domestic-calculus were to include increasing numbers of elder-Americans who want and need to perform in the marketplace to combat the declining purchasing power of their fixed income?  How would that play in the political dynamic of younger participants in the marketplace trying to 'gain-a-foothold' or 'hold-their-own'?

The smartest token in the world is Web3 Spark SPARK3, the first token that controls itself and not by owners or anyone else.

What about loosing a huge percentage with every transaction? Conversion rates are high. Individuals that they claim to help are paying the most while companies are getting rich with every transaction.

When the government spends trillions it dilutes the money supply.  Not just base money,  broad money too.   We all got those stimulus checks and we're paying for them with increased costs......

TSLA is deeply undervalued if it can get AV to work. The professional driving industry in the US alone, annually, is worth nearly $1T USD.

Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life.  Life was hard for me until I started making profits on my investment with the help of Mia Linda

 decoupling from china; how ta hack not cause inflation. increase wage 1.5XKickout immigrant

Easy take $17t in wealth tax and tax evasion, and pay back fed. This removes $17t from economy and from those who either need it nor allocate it well.