FX market intervention won't be announced in advance by Japan's finance minister

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 03:27 PM

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wow this dude is arrogant, isn't he? makes me concerned as a shareholder lol

The Federal Reserve Bank is very, very destructive to the USA. A gold standard is superior.

problem with Do Kwon is he was an arrogant nob. Always be humble in life, no matter how big or rich you get. Sure, buy lambos, private jets etc. but be humble, and open to positive criticism.

A country has thousands of different groups fighting for different interests and finding solutions are much more difficult especially in a divided country like America.

Tesla is kinda going through stuff now with their Harrassment charges...

i had the opportunity to invest in Luna, a friend of mine was really into it, fortunately i didnt trust the project and did not buy any Luna :-)

Just goes to show you. You can graduate from Ivy League schools, work for big tech, create something big... and still be a f*ck up in the end.

USDT with high leverage, the exchange didn't breach any law. That's the differences. USDT invented to protect exchanges to carry out regulated services legally. We dont need stable coin in cryptocurrency asset investment at all.USD with high leverage, The exchange will breach the securities law to provide regulated services to consumer. However, if the exchange let u trade in BitcoinUSDT invented to protect exchanges for giving high risk derivative trading to retail investor. Do u know that if an exchange let u trade in Bitcoin