The biggest rally in the US dollar since 2020

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 04:17 PM

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Simple get rid of democrats and their obscene desire to print money

promised to hold Trump insurrectionists accountable, but he has not done so for the insurrection leaders and he is not cooperating with all other justice departments.

No currency can be stable if you don't control the rate of flow in and out.

I told all of my friends all new coins are trash and it would take years until they really start thriving - nobody is listening brIn 2011 when I was still in my A-levels we were thinking about getting jobs to invest into bitcoin brBack then 100bucks wouldve gotten you thousands of bitcoinsbrIt was clear as day and night to everyone in tech class that this is is the next big thingbrIm never investing into any new altcoin unless I see that happening again brSo far it never happened brEthereum kinda got its spot now but bitcoin has a huge black market that utilizes its potential and that is just something we dont know about brWe just know its hugebrJust freaking massivebrIts the reason bitcoin began its growth in the first placebrThe silkroad is what made bitcoin hugebrThe possibility of this happening to a new coin is close to 0 so farbrBut we are now nearing a point where this chance is growing exponentially brIts gonna be big but if you do not understand tech, society and value altogether just stay away from the marketbrJesusbrSo many things come into playbrEverybody knows the stock market is complicatedbrCrypto is even worse! brAnd people believe they have figured it all outbrThis is madness

If the general public coast to coast are not waking up and take actions that benefits their country, then undisputable praise should be given for the FED. Naturally if we are not learning from  the ignorance we create by ourselves to begin with, then blaming the actors of manipulation and corruption is not helpful.

12,363 comments.. is my comment going to be seen?

Yes. Raise interest rates and stop the fed from printing money

stop giving handouts, stop waiting for handouts, go back to work...

Mr. Barr and Mr. Sherman are in cohorts with Gary Gensler. Easy.