Stocks sink as US inflation persists

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 04:39 PM

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Bonds everywhere, china's housing & US stonks

The entire economy due to what I got on the "BACKBURNERS"

Inflation is really caused by three things  1. Low wages  2. Tax avoidance  3. Outsourcing  Everything after is just reactionary and not the cause.

It's sad that  doesn't understand the difference between a speculative asset bubble and simple price increases. Or pretends not to understand to make the story seem interesting. Either way, it's not journalism.

Maintaining stable prices is not one of the Federal reserves goals. If you understand exponential growth then even at their smallest 2% stated goal of inflation you have extraordinary results in just a couple decades.  When you realize the national deficit was less than one trillion dollars in 1980 this starts to make sense. This system is not sustainable and we are near the end.

A simple question to ask when one expects returns or interest... where is the person company going get the money for its operations and further money to pay the interest... brbrTechnology can't replace common sense ...

Over $20T in quantitative easing under two presidents, a trade war with China amongst other factors got us here.

Stable currancy is the Fool#39s Gold.

The Fed doesn't need to be reformed... it needs to be abolished and the dollar needs to return to gold and silver, as described in the Constitution.

Given out all the money to all those bums

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