Despite the cautious market environment, the US dollar is struggling to rebound.

Started by OZER, Jan 25, 2023, 05:29 PM

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 should bring a consumer product to market. I want to have a big picture look at my data and see how I can improve my daily life. This will get the company going and finally let people understand how great the product is

keeping them at zero. They really caused inflation combined with terrible policies by congress and sleepy creepy but what is new thereThey should have been raising rates during the end of the pandemic not lowering them

these guys run their companies like soviet union they have monopoly so there is no room for innovation just a narcissistic brute that wants to stay in control and micro managing and vurbally abusing  using violence on them

This guy takes too much money from his stockholders, with his stock based compensation. Would not invest in his company in a billion years

The Federal Reserve Bank is very, very destructive to the USA. A gold standard is superior.

Definition of Inflation (new): When you take an large amount of words to explain the interest rate concept AND ultimately at minute 13-14 get to the FEDs "plan" of WAIT AND SEE approach.  When this happens you have to question why this piece was created. What is true agenda?