Inflation in Australia Hits 32-Year High

Started by OZER, Jan 25, 2023, 05:46 PM

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People should have a choice.  I still want CASH in my hand when I want it.

The higher the Gini coefficient the worse the impact of inflation. Rich people aren't really going to spend extra on essentials but they will do it for things that make more money which are things that they can control supply.

Yes thay can end the fed    Go back to constitutional money   flation is theft And we all know the CPI is a lie come come on really when they use waiting hydonics is hydonics and other adjustments is other adjustments to manipulate the numbers to the downside if we calculated the numbers like they calculated Is when they started it would be more than 10% now

if your life is ruined by this. you are doing something wrong lol. only invest money you could afford to lose

wealth growth. That growth is mostly happening in real estate and especially in the stock markets. So the rich are soaking up the vast majority of any actual increases.The problem is that inflation isn't really tracking with general income

Tax corporations if you want to put an end to inflation

Biden forcing the media to advertise a certain, and untruthful, message is exactly a fascism dictatorship. But you all voted for tyrants, thus you get tyranny.

This  did not answer the question....smh

I believe that US gov. will not make this situation getting worse.

5:50 This guy has no clue about Bitcoin, period. It is ok, but they need to read more about it before sharing opinions in this manner. Btw, I do not think Bitcoin is the best asset. Nevertheless saying Bitcoin does not have fundamuntal value is incorrect.

Luna is literally the reason all $100 tokens crashed and why the market sucks rn.

This time its different. MMT forever.

So you need to buy Bitcoin . Bitcoin is the future