Inflation in Australia Hits 32-Year High

Started by OZER, Jan 25, 2023, 05:46 PM

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And democrats still want to grow the size of the government

4 of one percent for saving acct.'s & only 1.25% fot 5 yr. CD's!  Yes, mortgage interest was 17%, but houses sold for $40k & there were ways around paying that,  e.g.take over mortgages, purchase money mortgages, etc. I bought two houses then, that way!I'm 75 & will someone please explain why when we had high inflation in 1981, the banks were paying 12% to as much as 18% for 5 yr. CD's! Now, with ever spiraling inflation, we are getting an absurdly low .25% or 1

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This is a hangover of the Trump administration exacerbated by Covid

Ask the 1500 new billionaires created during COVID to return the stolen currency?

What are the benefits of media exaggerating things like potential inflation and turning into an unsolvable crisis?  Do you miss all the drama that Trump could give you on a daily basis for news?  Back off using words like crisis until it is one.

Im sorry but Im happy I work in Germany because the US dollar is dying

Amazing how it becomes increasingly more difficult to effectively steer the ship as you intentionally manipulate the instruments you use to sense the environment around you.  Who would have thought?

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ford, gm, volkwagon, porche , mecrecedes all increasing investments in evs and increasing head counts. elon musk reduction of head counts sound fishy and indicate tough environement of him being the richest on the planet. now this idiot will have to revoerse his policy if head count......

Not with Quantitative Counterfeiting.

I can't understand the mandate for the federal reserve is supposed to be stability when they are the ones to cause even more unstable events. They should only ever control the money supply based on the population and not by natural disasters and now we're seeing the product of that happening. People always seem to blame companies first for a lot of the issues at hand whenever we have a crisis arise but don't understand who were the ones to start it and continue to produce more of them. Interest rates should be at least a couple of percentage points higher because these low interest rates are providing an incentive to just borrow freely without any repercussions.   I can see why bitcoin was created to challenge the stupidity of the monetary system but again it's filled with corruption and flawed with the same issue with everyone trying to play mind games with the public to make it seem like it's a fair game. I truly think the best way to get a good money system in place that is based on merit and genuine work is by utilizing the blockchain concepts to monitor for fairness in all transactions instead of just making them public. Something that denies out weighted transactions and promotes balance and stability over the toxic growth mindset beyond everything mentality.