Inflation in Australia Hits 32-Year High

Started by OZER, Jan 25, 2023, 05:46 PM

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Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started forex and crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I've gotten $18,539 in my portfolio. Thanks so much  Sonja Verlina

When you give steel and lumber prices can you give units with those too.

All the traditional banks laughing and pointing fingers

Why until now you have realize that your exaggeration of outsourcing in China is the main cause of inflation. You need to generate jobs and production locally.  Too much advance thinking ha, go back to basic.

Depending on China for goods & wasting 2 trillion dollars on a war is how we got here.

Civil Contempt For Trump, But Trump Has Not Been Indicted

Push gold in cpi data let's go baby!!