Forex Today: Get ready to rock with the highly anticipated Fed decision

Started by OZER, Dec 14, 2021, 11:35 PM

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It could have been, but JFK was targeted by the banking industry

They have enough authority as it is they should not be controlling us like this

Кучку мошенников нужно было прям в зале арестовать!

Another  with a higher dislike to like ratio. This one has also been masked. Pravda comrade!

No govt in the world can control inflation permanently unless they design people friendly policy prioritising public welfare instead of indulging too much on corporate giants as has been doing since decades. Unfortunately, all global leaders (so called) have turned themselves into slave  (may be puppet) of business magnets which is due to lack of statesmanship in their character. Needless to say that the benefits (legal and financial) offered to corporate houses as compared to common people in most of the countries shows incapability of policymakers to nullify social and economic disparity. At the end, the emphasis developed nations are giving in arms trade to generate revenue and security from other nations will put them under unmanageable socioeconomic disaster unless they change their mindset towards real wellbeing of common mass who elected them imposing tightest possible restrictions and vigilance on all corporate bodies.

US: Bring jobs back to America! Also US: ""No one wants to pay higher prices for anything" 0:23

The problem is that the Fed is a central planner and central plans don't work.

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