Forex Today: Get ready to rock with the highly anticipated Fed decision

Started by OZER, Dec 14, 2021, 11:35 PM

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The 'crisis' won't stop until they usher in that chip if ya know what I mean.

Amazing meeting. Thoughtful discussion (except for bank shill Sherman) was so refreshing. Bravo Committee!

first time? here in argentina we have 52% we had like 2000% inflation accumulated in 20 years

Tesla isn't a bubble, they are innovators, rivian is the bubble.

In a world full of innovation and technology, in a constantly changing world, the USA has Al Lawson.

you poors who thought 15 years ago a home in vancouver costing 700k was a bubble must be crying so hard now that the average since family detached is closer to 3 million...wish you had purchased back then huh? hahah losers

Lucid and Rivian are bubbles which will pop soon in a year or two

Interesting,I heard inflation would not happen  last year.

I'm broke, not buying anything. I'm a patriot and doing my part

Wait for it..   XRPLET THEM IN.  4:12:324:13:45 Mr. Brooks

Do you know anything you are talking  not just for clikbait ??

GME reached $ 483 not 347, why you can't make a  or a news not even once without getting something wrong

Mr Brooks confident smile as he talks justified to me being 95% in crypto, and the lawmakers compliance is brilliant to finally see.