BTC Markets, an Australian bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, saw a 175% increase in female users in the last financial year, well above the 80% increase in male users, according to a new company report.

Women also made higher initial deposits, averaging $ 2,381, compared to an average of $ 2,060 deposited by men. The portfolio size was slightly smaller for women than men, about $ 400 less on average.

In addition, women traded fewer times a day - two, on average, compared to five of men - suggesting a "structured trading strategy" by women, "with a smaller range of more focused placements."

Women are often found to be more unpredictable than men in behavioral finance studies. "The fact that there are more women trading cryptocurrencies breaks the stereotypes about cryptocurrency investors that they are risk-takers," the report said.

As more women invest in cryptocurrencies, the industry's reputation grows. Their increased involvement helps to argue that cryptocurrencies can be "placed next to other traditional investments," the report said.

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