Taiwan lifts forex trading punishment on Deutsche -sources

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:05 PM

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Thanks you American and Eropean to build China MONEY for Military, so China have STROOONG WEAPON  now for WAR.

The world governments created this problem using covid as an excuse.

How much did that lady pay cbnc? She doesnt seem have much expertise except mumbling meaningless words.

You CANNOT compare fuel prices now to a year ago. Stop being stupid.

Michael Barry says he's not shorting "crypto", he never said bitcoin. It's a much larger market then just bitcoin.

The answer is YES. The United States once set double digit interest rates and inflation dropped. It also caused recession.

I'm glad they called out Gensler during this. That guy is a joke

When inflation goes above what can be earned in the stock market, people will bail out fast.  Nobody is going to sit and watch the real value of their money decline month after month.

More than a paralegal in India, there is much better NLP and AI tools available to a lawyer now. I collaborated briefly with a CEO of a law tech startup who had degrees in law and CS, and people are developing much better search engines for lawyers. This doesnt mean no paralegals but it means when a paralegal retires or leaves the company, you may not need a replacement. A paralegal itself can do jobs of 2-3 paralegals because searching for relevant things are much easier than looking up physical books.   The AI is not perfect but just like with vaccines where it can help focus on some candidate vaccines instead of whole gamut, a legal ML tool will easily go over the the stuff.   The point is people often blame job loss due to job migration but jobs are reducing primarily because there is a revolution of tech. People dont understand that the AI revolution is as big as the industrial revolution.   She is right people may need grad degrees in some fields. In others, if you are a smart coder in high school, you may not even need a degree. Again for most people, college is useful especially in future. But if someone is exceptionally motivated to learn on their own, they can probably manage without one - I.e. in the right field.

43% of all the currency ever printed in US history was printed under Joe Biden with the last 1.5 years... Biden is a complete moron

transitory means it wouldn't stay 3% it will move to 5% then to 8%.  This is HOW the Fed talks. Just look at how subprime develops...they were watching it all happen with their eyes closed.

I am a 100% bitcoin and crypto supporter and investor. But these CEOs sound like the current crypto environment is good or perfect but in reality is not, I study and check different crypto daily. To me, I saw so many fake, scam project in the tail of the market. Also, on the trading side, i highly suspect lots of trading volume is artificially means not real in the small manipulated coins. There are a lots going on behind the scene, definitely not very stable or anything perfect as now. But I believe the future of it.

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