European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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There is one born every minute, lol, every second nowadays... Any smart person would see the scam

Hope that government going to shutdown all the crypto website soon.  Crypto is scam...........  they charge fee too high and I believe they are the ones that hack into some people account and stole millions of dollars because only they team knows all your information and passwords.  I don't trust these crypto website........

Banksters have inflation to get rich, its how they steal your labor...DUH  Your channel is stupid!!!!!!!!

So true what he said about big tech . Also the stock price for  below 8 dollars is a big gift .

He's not pausing hiring, he said people have to come back to the office.  If they don't they're fired.  After he sees who stays he will re-hire those lost positions.  He's just waiting to see who leaves tesla and twitter is all.  SIlly  twisting things to suit their people again instead of reporting anything useful.  This media company is a joke.  Did you even read the email?

As Peter Schiff would say, you cannot put the inflation genie back into the lamp.

To call  an idiot, is like saying a military sniper is a professional comedian...

Elon is not alone on his outlook for our economy.   Inflation is tearing away at the average family's ability to keep up with constantly rising prices throughout the marketplace.  Something has to give.  And very soon.

How much did that lady pay cbnc? She doesnt seem have much expertise except mumbling meaningless words.

7."Can inflation be stopped???"  This is the kind of insane liberal logic that permeates newsrooms and seeps into the brain of low information minds.  As if it is some unstoppable virus spread from a crashing meteor and not the fault of morons who keep the  money printing machines on 24