Forex: How pound has fared over the year

Started by OZER, Dec 29, 2021, 10:54 PM

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Inflation and virus are ore planned!  The upcoming virus is more dangerous!  So they started the production of virus in their laboratory.  When it is right time, will be released.  Very effective vaccine will follow for the use of world population.  Please release it first in Africa, it appears Africans have natural immunity and methods to effectively fight the current PlanDemic. They dont have money for vaccine anyway.  Medical mafia, please have test kits, vaccine etc ready! We the herds are ready!!!!

Considering inflation is worldwide, we may be able to influence inflation but I doubt we can Nixon created inflation when he took the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971. Volcker's draconian interest rates finally tamed inflation in time for Reagan's second campaign in 1984.

Good luck, ya played yourselves. 40%-50% on housing? hahahahahahahahahaha. The "honorable Jerome Powell" that 's even funnier. The Fed doesn't need reform, it needs to be burned to the ground.

Better educate yourselves a lil more  Its about oil It permeates the world  Blame it on covid Blame it on supple chain  Blame anywhere you want  Go talk to Jimmy Carter  The research will show you  Oil

3:30 "I'm not looking to play stock market here, but let's play stock market. What does the stock market now tell you about the stock market later jim?"

Why even have Feds.  They are clueless...

That zandi guy was predicting market fall in 2019

A very convenient narrative, . Probably wrong again.

All I have to say is look at who's president now. That is the reason of inflation.

Inflation will stop if we stop creating money from thin air and raise interest rates.  Simple.

For those that do not know the federal reserve is not a government entity. Of course this  doesn't tell you that because they love to lie and keep people misinformed.

Yes, They can. Just chant Lets Go Brandon till you finally get what it means.

I guess who made this  is the smartest of the litter

It's pretty simple when it comes to economics and or war time last person you want running the country is a Democrat anyone with a functional brain knows this