Forex: How pound has fared over the year

Started by OZER, Dec 29, 2021, 10:54 PM

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Old farts probably don't even know what the CEO's are taking about.

Im sorry but Im happy I work in Germany because the US dollar is dying

GME reached $ 483 not 347, why you can't make a  or a news not even once without getting something wrong

when has inflation ever rolled itself back?? is there any historical data ?  The people suffering will be the middle class , and next yr it will be worse when the tax code strongly punishes small businesses with ludicrous scrutiny

Tesla is not in a bubble. Tesla isnt selling its cars to hertz at a discount. Hertz has to order on the Tesla website like everyone else, at the current price. Tesla has made a profit over the last 7 quarters or more. Its also in the S&P 500. Its not just a car company. Tesla is cheap today at its current share price, and is projected to 3X its current share price in 5 years or less. Tesla didnt need to be included in the report. Just a click bait article as usual from . It worked, they got me to click on it.

what do you expect from a country with Big Consumption but without Manufacturing? but lets face it, with US$ 7.25 minimum wage, you just cant manufactured daily necessities here...

Month per person price! No gouging or gentrification! Developing mostly single unit apartments since privacy is a human right! 4. All three of these points to eradicate poverty,  homelessness,  suffrage of Americans Per Year ( tax free ) 3. Locked Down $400Month for life for the first $36,000Hour and up for all Americans  2. UBI of $3,000BBB Plan should be: 1. Livable wage permanent laws of $27

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