Forex Today: Dollar capitalizes on rising yields, eyes on US PMI data

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:43 PM

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Can be, but its not going down. Gas price is not a major concern. Things like grocery, rent, housing price, tax These things are much more serious problems

Does Elon Musk think he can elaborate on this super bad feeling of his, or is he going to keep us all in the dark?, why's nobody asking who that Hedgfond is? Scoring a Billion by allegedly coordinating an attack. What like 30sec of coverage in the vid. Reckon there're quite a few people who felt pretty good seeing it collapse. And the FUD about crypto goes on.  brLuna got blackrocked...

Brother of my friend, committed suicide recently because of this.

The better question is can the US stop infiltration from communism.

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