Dollar keeps its footing after NFP-inspired rebound

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:03 PM

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Just trying to understand the definition of a 'bubble' here. When Tesla dropped from $1100 to $500 that wasn't the popping of a Bubble? When Bitcoin dived from $64k to less than $30k that wasn't a bubble? WTF is a bubble guys and WTF is a pop? Does it need to drop 110% before you doom-sayers feel vindicated in your broken clock rants? Please help us out

With SpaceX, Solar city and neuralink- Tesla is no bubble at all.

listen if the United States does that they are idiots. I have watch one man alone on twitter and reddit show everyone how xlm is not safe that it is manipulate and can be move the way he wants it there is a  he made so eveurone on pirate couod see it where he move two different tokens sround trading against xlm and droped xlm over night then build it back up the next day. He has been kicked off by every russian dev stellar has working for them they had him removed from reddit and linkedin. So we tried his method and he is right We also found the illegal exhanges that are doing this he show ot all 100% clearly and the ceo ofd stellar and all the other he emailed ignored him

I just made my first $20,000 in cryptocurrency  I'm so glad I'm gonna have a successful retirement.

they say it is all open etc., but the reality is it will all be owned by the few just like what happened to the internet in the first place.  same hollow claims.


the dolor is spreading. that's what you get for messing around

Lol these "already popped" meme stocks are still 10x higher than a year ago

work against inflation only in high dosages when it is worthy to stop lending money and put them into FED deposit instead. 4. Deposit rates do not fight against inflation in short-term but in mid-term, because commercial banks have to wait until their money come back and investment bank can not use FED deposit, so you have to wait until people take money from their investment accounts to normal accounts. By this money flows out of the stock and bond market which slows the inflation 5. In the long term deposit rates actually makes inflation higher because all that money for the deposit return has to be printed by FED.   So thank God that FED holds ground and is not panicking. This inflation is just a price for rescuing the US economy in 2020. When you printed trillions and put them into the economy it has some consequences, nothing is for free.

When inflation goes above what can be earned in the stock market, people will bail out fast.  Nobody is going to sit and watch the real value of their money decline month after month.

 but at least there aren't anymore mean Tweets

It's all going to pop, the next market crash is coming, the government keeps fudging the numbers on the reports they put out, the great resignation is growing out of ignorance of the sheeple and China and Russia are like mean kids with pins waiting to pop said balloons be it with cyber attacks, false information reports or all out war. I suggest people read the decline and fall of the Roman empire, it seems to be happening again.

Youre not gonna need a graduate degree. Many coding jobs dont even require a bachelors anymore. Gotta love legacy media and their Boomer advice.