RBI announces no transactions in G-Secs, Forex and Money Markets today as Mahara

Started by OZER, Feb 07, 2022, 06:06 PM

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Investing in stocks or real estates are very good ideas though real estate investment seems a bit more complex. Who else is in line with me?

Please hold more hearings like this! Thoughtful, informative and not much partisan bluster. Bravo to all involved, let''s get something done.

Housing inflation ripples into every business in our nation.    The housing shortage and high cost of living are caused by zoning laws that limit density to protect the wealthy from being impacted by the poor. Supply and demand can't work when government is limiting the supply.

So many opinions in the  and in the comments, and it's like, does anyone truly know what's going to happen?

That black chick seemed like an affirmative action hire. People who are English as a second language can convey a clearer message than her.

only way to stop it is to turn the printers off stop printing money its been proven no inflation when they turn printers on it starts back up now its to late 850 trillion been printed that all us bills in the world on top of uk printing money china printing money to much been printed 2 ways stop the printing let inflaion run its course crash or raise rates housing will crash forclosers sky rocket then crash ether way only way for evrrything to lvl back out is a crash and we will defult on the debt

Yall for Democratic Socialist you get socialist Economy  inflation ‍️

Tesla may be a bubble what a joke Tesla and Elon Musk are on a whole other level. Tesla is the biggest robotic company in the world. The solar, dojo, software among many other sectors. 2022 will see a other 50 percent in stock price rising.

The argument that if prices inflate, then workers will ask for pay increases and owner will have to increase prices. Well, that's part fiction and an ideal scenario. The fact that wages don't increase with inflation for decades and some companies are forced to keep prices competitive and low compared to larger companies what have better economies of scale, it basically widens the wealth gap by making smaller businesses less competitive and workers buying power decrease over time. Let's not forget that companies only have an incentive to increase wages with inflation for top talent, and no incentive to do so for the rest of their workforce as the others are simply expendable. Economic theory is not reality. Economic Theory works better when there are Unions that fight on employee behalf to ensure everyone gets a fair wage.

If someone would actually model Teslas EPS on just the car business to 2025, I would listen to their case.