Stablecoin guidelines published by New York's crypto regulator

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:01 PM

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Inflation isn't that hard to stop and once you realize that you realize that central banks are doing on purpose

 just can't leave Tesla alone lol your life the obsessive ex

End corporate welfare, raise taxes on ppl making over 400k a year and raise interest rates.

I guess who made this  is the smartest of the litter

And Tesla salaries are already a joke. I'm glad to see that fraud company imploding in slow motion.

DragQueens and Woodchippers-quotA Coffee-table bookquot

coinbase needs to figure out why they keep going down every time cryptos start to run or crash and you can't log into their platform nor try to execute trades. Because they always seem to conveniently go down when time is of an essence.

don#39t buy! it#39s a scam! terra luna and all other cryptos are worth nothing, zero, big 0. i give you honest best wisest advise. if you make money on cryptos it means someone else got robbed! most developers make these cheap good for nothing coins only to hope to make millions or billions. how many persons and companies invested in terra luna thinking that they will make it rich??? look where the coin is now, after new launch blockchain cheap tricks by founder it just dumped over 80% of price hyped up on purpose. many in the world are deceiving innocent persons with these crypto tricks, there is no guarantee that your investment will be safe ever. they can change the coin, burn it to create a new one, even change the blockchain, or dump it, abandon it if it is no longer worth anything. most junk coins are trading at less than 0.00000001 of a doge coin, not even 1 satoshi. see what is happening with ethereum, who ever thought that the coin will also chain? many people want to see their investments grow and they pump their value on purpose, especially when they are losing money. this terra luna trading at $5+ dollars now is junk! only good to play with, winners vs losers. ok that#39s all folks! thanks

Competition is heating up in China and BYD just became number 1 in ev sales in China despite the lockdowns.

We are moving towards what The Bible says 'War of Armageddon'.

The economy as an ocean is frothy (full of bubbles); deal with it.