Stocks fall in the U.S., ECB decision pending

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:43 PM

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It is the highest level the euro has achieved against the safe-haven yen since January 5, 2015, as the greenback reaches a new two-decade high against the yen. While others have tightened policies to combat inflation through raising interest rates, the Bank of Japan remains dovish.

As U.S. equities fell on Wednesday, the dollar index rose and boosted the appeal of the safe haven, while the euro strengthened ahead of a policy announcement from the European Central Bank. As a result of the dollar's strength against the yen, its relative strength increased to its highest level since Jan. 5, 2015, and the euro advanced against the yen to its highest level in more than a decade.

Among global central banks, the Bank of Japan retains a dovish stance, while others have adopted tightening policies, such as raising interest rates, in response to inflation. According to traders, 75 basis points of interest rate increases by September are priced in by the European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday.

Due to the data, the Fed is unlikely to alter its current rate hike path. Based on CME's FedWatch Tool, rate hikes of at least 50 basis points have been fully priced in. Asked by reporters on Wednesday why they support a weaker yen, Japanese policymakers said it is positive for the economy.

Sterling was last trading at $1.2541, down 0.37% from $1.2541 a day earlier, as the Japanese yen declined 1.17% versus the greenback. After a confidence vote on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday, sterling fell against the dollar due to political risks and fears of a slowing economy.

The price of bitcoin dropped 3.55% to $30,216.58 in cryptocurrencies.
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Yes remove the people causing it and it will it's being done on purpose

Just a few weeks ago he wanted to overpay for Twitter by $20b... now he is saying this? What is the credibility of what the CEO says when his ability to forecast his own business is not even 2 weeks out?

yes but in order to do so they would collapse the stock market and housing market.. this is all intentional to destroy the dollar to move to a digital fed currency for complete control.

20% returns guaranteed!??!? Did your mothers ever tell you if it's too good to be true it probably is. Yea that guy is a piece of crap and in large part responsible. Yes it looks like a targeted attack by hedge funds and regulatory predators whose mouths are watering from this in wait...but a large part of the responsibility still falls on the people who were greed driven and unable to recognize the sketchiness of this project in the first place., why's nobody asking who that Hedgfond is? Scoring a Billion by allegedly coordinating an attack. What like 30sec of coverage in the vid. Reckon there're quite a few people who felt pretty good seeing it collapse. And the FUD about crypto goes on.  brLuna got blackrocked...

Stellar? wtf is STellar? Get Vitalik there to explain the metaverse.

It's amazing how Marxism explains a lot of this - and how the bourgoise technocrats have developed a language to track the critique laid out in Capital by Marx. Specifically, the critique that capitalism has boom and busts because labor prices are less than the value produced is a more correct way of saying what these people are describing the inverse, that labor increases lead to price increases (without questioning if owner income, rents, and interest revenues are lower)

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If they increase rate to 2 percent, the government will not be able to pay for what it already owes. Which means an accelerated borrowing.  Debt trap? Maybe, waiting on some voodoo magic from the feds. In the meantime, I will be buy the hardest asset on the . #Bitcoin

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