Analysis of Natural Gas Prices: Price Catches its Breath

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 09:58 PM

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for the vice president kamla haris only making india benifit ..india bought s-400 misale from russia but USA affraid sanction india..because they hiprotise whole USA gave their vice president,ceo,employee..that brings america suffer one day when american president or everything controll this indian..they lost their super power and lost india,russia,chaina.. so know thats time they should clearify this and should sanction india for s-400 missale bought..and also shouldn''t make any good position indian,chaina,israel people

You want Crypto? Fine but it must be backed by US dollars and US banks, what you don't like that idea? ok no Crypto, it's our Crypto or none.

This is a rigged con-game.  They could pay high wages to all; if only they could live without 4 yachts 

I can't understand the mandate for the federal reserve is supposed to be stability when they are the ones to cause even more unstable events. They should only ever control the money supply based on the population and not by natural disasters and now we're seeing the product of that happening. People always seem to blame companies first for a lot of the issues at hand whenever we have a crisis arise but don't understand who were the ones to start it and continue to produce more of them. Interest rates should be at least a couple of percentage points higher because these low interest rates are providing an incentive to just borrow freely without any repercussions.   I can see why bitcoin was created to challenge the stupidity of the monetary system but again it's filled with corruption and flawed with the same issue with everyone trying to play mind games with the public to make it seem like it's a fair game. I truly think the best way to get a good money system in place that is based on merit and genuine work is by utilizing the blockchain concepts to monitor for fairness in all transactions instead of just making them public. Something that denies out weighted transactions and promotes balance and stability over the toxic growth mindset beyond everything mentality.

I think the point is US citizens are sick of the laws and regulations that makes business and growth overly complicated and down right not worth the investment in emerging technology. The US government is killing the ability for the USA to compete in the world market with over regulation.

Crazy how when its a Covid  these devils hid the comments

Considering inflation is worldwide, we may be able to influence inflation but I doubt we can Nixon created inflation when he took the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971. Volcker's draconian interest rates finally tamed inflation in time for Reagan's second campaign in 1984.

Musk is still hiring, all the while taking out the trash.  When you hire a lot of people, you're bound to get some losers you need to get rid of eventually.   I thought there'd be way more than 10% losers working there though :)  They are still making cars and there is still a 10 month waiting list to get a new one.

I am a huge proponent of coinbase, mr. brooks said it very spot on on his introduction. paxos USD CEO was awesome. washington truly has no clue, but i applaud them on being proactive in trying to learn about the field.

Sure it can, they just dont want to stop inflation.

lol the government is doing this to artificially prop up Wall Street. If they stop, then the billionaires will lose money. Pretty much they're making the rich even more wealthier at the expense of the working class. That is exactly why the 1% has been achieving greater wealth, while the working class is now poorer.