As Erdogan's rate talk fuels forex demand, the Turkish Lira sinks to 17 Dollars

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 10:37 PM

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Inflation is just a hidden tax, except low-to-mid class citizens will pay the most of it.

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crypto Market lately has been so encouraging couple with the fact that there is a new president in charge which experts has projected his administration to be a win win for investor in the store market. What are you still waiting for my dear? The time is now! Great The stock

zero chance as long as Fed is serving its masters on wall street - the Goldmans, the Morgans and the BlackRocks

It is clear that crypto CEOs should be running our financial system.

I once heard someone say that something that cant last forever will end

lmao... yeah... everybody sitting around the office with graduate degrees with no1 to do their work for them

Never trust anything Elon tweets. There's always some spin underneath