Russia eases capital controls to let companies transfer forex overseas

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 10:50 PM

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Why did do they want inflation to be above 2% when salaries are not even keeping up with that? Why are these people ruling the country?

Amazing meeting. Thoughtful discussion (except for bank shill Sherman) was so refreshing. Bravo Committee!

trust me, i'm an autistic genius!  If you can't talk about your 5 profound products, and you reject the common rules of accounting for valuation of your company, then you shouldn't be PUBLICLY TRADED

As Peter Schiff would say, you cannot put the inflation genie back into the lamp.

Don't you find it fascinating  how the government has literally no say, on important economic projections that affect the population? THAT ALONE SHOULD TELL YOU WHO IS REALLY IN POWER!

Instead of sending tweets that destroy the market perhaps Elon should get some sleep

So they basically only care about whether crypto challenges existing systems? How STUPID

Uninspired CIA loser who is the product of Jewish nepotism. I don't care what   has to say.

they say it is all open etc., but the reality is it will all be owned by the few just like what happened to the internet in the first place.  same hollow claims.

The issue with this  is it brings a bunch of different sectors together to prove a "bubble" yet the supposed bubble is implied to be specific to one market? so they pretty much prove their own theory wrong. they basically saying "one of these markets could be in a bubble" while showing significant increase in value across all assets since pandemic.   Meanwhile it is not discussed that this is primarily due to rampant global money printing inflating currencies around the world so yes assets will go up especially since governments and banks are pumping this printed money into assets.

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