FX market intervention won't be announced in advance by Japan's finance minister

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 03:27 PM

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Peter Schiff knows what the problems are.  Try listening to Austrian economics.

Yes, president Trump already started the process, but the socialist party wanted American more debts.  The corruptions official corrupted every sectors which destroys our entire nation slowly and now we are facing inflation from many decades covered ups.

This would be a perfect time for Satoshi Nakamoto to show up.

Na. They cant resolve student loans because the result actions will be extremely expensive.

More  BS FUD.  If you get hurt then you are stupid but you still have a right to spend your money how you want.  Lumping Tesla in the headline with bubbles is another example of pure FUD by  the joke financial news channel.  Urge some caution over Rivian, which is a bubble.  By the way Tesla could care less if Herz buys or not.  Tesla sells every car they make no matter if Herz was in or out of business it wouldn't matter.

I like Elon but I think the trend has been bad for him lately and it is coloring his view.

4 of US gdp and poured it into the economy.  It can be stopped, just raise the key rate (yes the market which is already full of bubbles would go down and its a no-no for grandpa) and withdraw money from circulation by issuing some kind of good value gov futuresBro your interest on the loan minus inflation was around neutral but now is far negative, the gov printed like 1