FX market intervention won't be announced in advance by Japan's finance minister

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 03:27 PM

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Let stop government lets not do government no more government

He didn't do it alone. He was backed up by the greed of millions of others.

I once heard someone say that something that cant last forever will end

Cryptocurrency = no more cash system = the mark of the beast system = 666. It is clear that many don't see it  yet. Be aware.

20% gains from nothing? Sounds like the hedge just expedited the process

I believe this Company currently has nearly 2.5B outstanding shares fully diluted. Good God stop the printing!

 founded in 2003 soon 20 years still not profitable this guy is clowm stock will go to 1$

People like him should be prosecuted, brought to justice and let them feel what others have gone thru, they can not be left at large to scam again, wonder how many people have actually ended in hospitals, lost their lives or about to. the whales out there should look for him ..

4 of one percent for saving acct.'s & only 1.25% fot 5 yr. CD's!  Yes, mortgage interest was 17%, but houses sold for $40k & there were ways around paying that,  e.g.take over mortgages, purchase money mortgages, etc. I bought two houses then, that way!I'm 75 & will someone please explain why when we had high inflation in 1981, the banks were paying 12% to as much as 18% for 5 yr. CD's! Now, with ever spiraling inflation, we are getting an absurdly low .25% or 1

yes but in order to do so they would collapse the stock market and housing market.. this is all intentional to destroy the dollar to move to a digital fed currency for complete control.

No one earns 20% year over year. That#39s what sucked Madoff#39s fools in. If any group is claiming to make consistently well above market gains they are lying criminals.

Its sad that these traditional media companies have to put Tesla or other click baity titles to drive views. Traditional news media is dead.

If his products run the world the stock wouldn't wouldn't be $7.  It would be profitable