FX market intervention won't be announced in advance by Japan's finance minister

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 03:27 PM

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Tokyo would act swiftly and without delay if it were to intervene.
Although it may have intervened, it does not always confirm it.
Rate check by BOJ: no comment.

If YEN continues to move in such a way, we will take the necessary actions. The government does not rule out any options (when asked about the possibility of FX intervention).

Today, officials came out in full force to take a look at the competition, and they have certainly stepped up the offensive. As a result of the frequency, the rhetoric is getting rather tiresome rather quickly, and markets might be able to shrug off the threat after a while.
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What nonsense. Russia is fighting NATO. The Ukrainians and their mercenaries, provided by NATO, are just the tip of the spear. The US and NATO have been planning to bleed Russia for years as part of their anti China agenda.

They're talking about run-of-the-mill inflation driven by wage-price spirals, and saying that's how you get an inflationary spiral. In my mind, that's not the only way. We have a fiat currency and it's value is really derived from people's faith in it's value. You can print money and encourage borrowing etc, but much like stock market bubbles, there is a tipping point in there when all the feedbacks turn from negative to positive.  Normally, you hold money, it holds it's value, there's no real push to gain or spend it. If you think inflation is going to increase, it now becomes a hot potato that you want to spend as soon as you get it. You do this by buying useful assets like houses, land, food, things you need. When everyone does this it drives up the price, which would normally dampen demand, but if the expectation that money will continue losing value and the price will only increase, then the price doesn't matter anymore. Sellers can ask arbitrarily high prices. But who's going to sell into this and accept that money? Thus supply goes down at the same time demand goes up, further exacerbating the situation.  The government has been pumping new money into the economy to try and stimulate it, yet velocity stays low. Who needs to spend all that money under normal circumstances? But what happens when it all starts losing value? All that "cold" money suddenly turns hot, and the *effective* money supply suddenly increases. Meanwhile, everyone is also incentivized to borrow as much as possible to "short" the currency, further increasing the supply. But who wants to lend into this? The credit market slows, and the government steps in as "lender of last resort" again....using printed money.  Meanwhile, the massive amounts of money tied up in the stock market suddenly need a new home. I mean, who wants to hold a stock when all you can get out of it is increasingly worthless money. You paper gains are impressive, but it's only a reflection of the fact your asset is losing value, because the only value it has is denominated in dollars (rather than any kind of tangible use).  I mean it goes on and on. Wage-price spirals may be a part of 'normal' inflation but they don't really play into hyperinflation.

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my god would you even explain how the short squeezes came to be and more importantly WHY it was possible you greedy bunch - you guys are media terrorists this is not information

Hey Shills, The economy was in the crapper b4 Elon...Just Ask J.Powell how we got here..

Maybe people didn't get the memo yet but the entire country is in a recession right now. Everyone is taking a bath. The crypto markets crashed. The stock markets crashed. People are barely able to afford gas rent and groceries. 50k cars arn't going to be flying off the lots anymore.

Too many people investing into things without understanding the fundamentals of the thing they#39re investing into.brbrReality check for anyone reading this:brbr1. If someone or something promises you 20% interest, when not even the biggest interest returning investments (REITS) can yield such large returns (when they#39re legally mandated to pay investors large portion of their profits), you should question where that money is coming from.brbr2. If something sounds too good to be true, it#39s probably not. The steep deviation from the normal interest payout in the investment world should#39ve been the biggest red flag of them all.brbrNot to mention, going back to the fundamentals - If you were investing into stable coins because you wanted to protect your savings from what#39s going on with real currencies, why would you put money into a system that balances it#39s value with an inflationary system? brbrThis ain#39t rocket science. brbrI really hope things work out for people who lost big on this. Truly, one of the most messed up financial stories in a while.