The biggest rally in the US dollar since 2020

Started by OZER, Sep 14, 2022, 04:17 PM

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ARK left PLTR. Great products but need new CEO.

quotHe had a reputation to keep and cheating people would destroy that.quot This could be said about all fraudsters. The thing is, these people build up reputation to deceive other people. It is their whole point.

Hey bro can you do a thread on Datadog! I feel like they've come out of nowhere but will be a powerhouse for years to come.


Thanks Man, you're more honest than most. I'm very glad i started using John Adam's trading methods. I am hoping that we can get a weekly candle close above the garzian channel at around 51k to continue the bull run. Keep the faith everyone

Tesla, Bitcoin, Gamestop, etc. does not matter, these are only labels people betting on. Nobody cares what the company behind them really doing.

Money printing is the sole reason why we are seeing massive price hikes. Its not just one sector of the economy. And yes, housing is in a bubble. Its been in a perpetual bubble since 2008. The bubble never popped because the government bailed out the banks that were holding all those junk loans. Dont forget that the banks threatened the gov or told them that if they didnt get bailed out that the whole system would come down.

Marhaban Thanks for the coverage  habibis.

gallon of petrol in America This really will make  Vice President   Harris giggle when she is asked why -  can't ask Biden he doesn't know what day it isBefore the Weimar Republic  collapsed, the inflation was exponential in Germany paving the way for the rise of Herr Hitler Soon they will be paying $US100

So this armchair quarterback fool knows better than the titans of industry that actually create the economy.

Definition of Inflation (new): When you take an large amount of words to explain the interest rate concept AND ultimately at minute 13-14 get to the FEDs "plan" of WAIT AND SEE approach.  When this happens you have to question why this piece was created. What is true agenda?

Biden forcing the media to advertise a certain, and untruthful, message is exactly a fascism dictatorship. But you all voted for tyrants, thus you get tyranny.

@crypto is to perfect and can do on a global scale what Democrats are incapable of doing. That's. why  all democrats MUST destroy it, they will do anything,  in there power to destroy CRYPTO'  for the sole reason THEY CAN'T steel anymore  FROM THE PEOPLE only thing the ARE  NOT SMART ENOUGH

ima  pro suscriber so i do not want to say ots host and its guest but the fact is ford, volkwagen, g all producing more ev cars . even porche and mercedes producing lot more ev cars. so afraid of that comepetion musl is reducing staff